EZ Learn Math

Math Gap Summer Program

Math Gap Summer Program The purpose of this program is to bridge the gap between the previous year's math program in school and next year's math program. Who might be interested in this program:
  1. Students who struggle with math and want to be better prepared for next year's math program.
  2. Students who had a "bad" experience in the previous year's math class and missed out on some or all of the math concepts.
  3. Transfer students who feel a need to be better prepared for the new school's math program.
  4. Home schoolers.
  5. Adults wanting to go back to college who feel a need to review their math skills.
Note: To cut costs, as many as 3 students can participate in the Math Gap program at a time, collectively paying $30 per hour for the tutoring. However, the students participating must be from the same school and wanting the same "Math Gap" program.