EZ Learn Math

Mission Statement:

Our Mission Our mission is to help students reach their goals in life. No matter what an individual hopes to do in the future, and it involves going to college, math is a required subject. For many students, math success becomes the biggest obstacle between them and their planned objectives. These are the individuals, whether they be children or adults, we want to help.

Specifically, our service will help students understand the basic concepts of a subject in order to make connections with the subject’s assignments and assessments. Our approach is to use collaborative teaching/tutoring techniques where we involve the student in the learning process. Through these techniques and offering positive feedback, the student will gain confidence and empowerment in math, thus making the path easier toward his/her future.

We, as tutors…

  • Respect the students where they are in their learning abilities.
  • Offer encouragement and tutor using positive feedback techniques to build confidence in subject abilities.
  • Believe that mistakes are opportunities for learning
  • Believe that the tutor's patience and tolerance rather than criticism or authoritative lecturing lead to a student's success