EZ Learn Math

Math Liaison Program

This program serves two purposes:

  1. To help parents and child determine and/or understand the present and future math program based on the child's needs (as recommended by the school).
  2. To determine a tutoring program appropriate to the child's needs in order to reach goals set by the parents and the school.

The steps involved in this program are:

  1. Contact the ezLearnMath Advisor to discuss the child's present/future math program.
  2. Give the ezLearnMath Advisor permission to contact the teacher and/or give the teacher permission to contact the ezLearnMath Advisor.
  3. Consult with ezLearnMath Advisor relative to recommendations for the child's math tutoring program to help the child reach academic goals.
Price: $50 flat fee for service, unless more than 2 hours involvement.