EZ Learn Math


tutoring The purpose of tutoring is to help students understand the basic concepts of a subject in order to make connections with the subject's assignments and assessments. Here is how the online tutoring session works.
  1. The student initiates the tutoring by filling out the information on the Home screen.
  2. It will be received by an ezLearnMath Advisor and a phone call will be made to the parent/guardian of the student to qualify the student's needs and set up an appointment with a tutor. At this time the parent/student will receive a more thorough explanation on how to follow through with the appointment.
  3. The student interacts with the tutor through the computer using videoconferencing software.
  4. The videoconferencing software enables the student to see the tutor's screen or vice versa.
  5. The student will have the option to Skype while working with the tutor.
  6. The math work will be done using a Microsoft Word document on which the tutor writes the work the student and tutor do together. The assignment for the session can be made available to the tutor through the following options:
    • Send a copy of the assignment to the tutor
    • Show assignment from your screen which appears on Schoology or other academic hub offered by student’s school
    • Take a picture of the assignment and send the picture via cell phone
    • Read off the problems to the tutor
    • Note: If there is a personalized program in place for the student, as agreed upon by an ezLearnMath Advisor, there will be no need to send any work
  7. A copy of the math work will be sent to the student after completion of the tutoring session.
  8. An evaluation form is offered for parent/guardian and/or student to be filled out (optional).