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Struggling with math? EZ Learn Math
College Math Placement Prep
Is your child struggling with math? Our online tutors can help! EZLearnMath is a service that helps fill “math gaps” for students, develops math confidence and ultimately produces better grades. EZLearnMath offers one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of the student’s own home (or desired location) with minimal outside influences. Our passion is helping students succeed in reaching their math goals.

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& Rates

Tutoring is billed at a rate of $30/hour

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Our Tutors

  • Are qualified to teach at high school and/or college level
  • Use collaborative teaching techniques, meaning the students participate in the learning process as opposed to the tutor doing all the talking
  • Respect the students where they are in their learning abilities
  • Help students build confidence in subject abilities
  • Believe that mistakes are opportunities for learning
  • Believe the tutor’s patience and tolerance rather than criticism or authoritative lecturing lead to student’s success

Student Requirements

Computer with speaker & microphone, Positive Attitude & Commitment

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